Is inpatient rehabilitation right for me?

When recovery from an injury, trauma or surgery depends on specialized, focused care, choosing inpatient rehabilitation just makes sense.

Top 10 reasons to choose an inpatient rehabilitation facility

Such as an Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital
  1. Inpatient rehabilitation is based on your goals and getting you back to doing what you want and need to do
  2. Rehabilitation specialty care can address stroke rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, recovery after surgery or injury, cognitive decline, loss of mobility and more
  3. Your treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs and goals
  4. Encompass Health doctors and nurses have devoted their lives to rehabilitation and restoring quality back into life
  5. Your care comes from a team of rehabilitation doctors, nurses, therapists and others who work together to manage your care plan
  6. You will have ongoing access to your physician and certified registered rehabilitation nurses (CRRNs) 24/7
  7. Encompass Health has on-site specialists—physical therapists, speech therapists, pharmacists, internal medicine, infection control specialists, wound care specialists and more
  8. Encompass Health has specialized therapy equipment, advanced technology, gymnasiums and more to increase your mobility
  9. Encompass Health rehabilitation hospitals have specialized therapy spaces like kitchens to help you safely return to the activities of daily living
  10. With our advanced technologies, experience and knowledge, we help ensure you reach your best possible outcome

Inpatient rehabilitation is a smart choice

If your doctor hasn’t already recommended inpatient rehabilitation, ask about it.

A stroke success story

When Francine Johnson had a stroke, the expert team care and customized rehabilitation at Encompass Health helped her return to the life she loved.

“Everyone at Encompass was very accommodating and did everything possible to make my stay comfortable. PT and OT was very helpful.”

—Patient of Encompass Health