Key questions to ask about inpatient rehabilitation

Looking into inpatient rehabilitation for yourself or a loved one? You’re sure to have questions. And you deserve answers.

Why are you recommending inpatient rehabilitation for my continued care?

Your doctor may believe that specialty therapy is needed to help you get better and back to the life you love.

What are my choices for rehabilitation?

You have the right to choose rehabilitation that’s right for you. Ask your doctor if inpatient rehabilitation, such as an Encompass Health rehabilitation hospital, is an option for you.

What results can I expect from my rehabilitation?

At an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, your rehabilitation team will discuss your goals and expectations. Then, using a care plan based on your exact needs and goals, your team will help you return to life with the highest function possible.

What kinds of therapy are you recommending for me?

Inpatient rehabilitation includes the right mix of therapies (physical, occupational, speech, etc.) to get you to your goals.

How much medical support will I need in addition to therapy?

Medical support goes hand in hand with rehabilitation therapy. At an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, you’ll receive hospital-level medical support for successful results, including medical specialists such as internists, pharmacists and wound care specialists on staff.

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